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26 Things That The Rest Of The World Finds Weird About Britain

A lot of people are very angry and confused about Pancake Day. H/T Reddit.

Reddit user AustinThompson asked people on the site exactly what it is about Britain that they think is stupid, or that baffles them. We've compiled some of the best responses below.

1. They had important questions about who runs the country.

2. And about tiny British villages.

3. They didn't really understand regional accents.

4. Or wildly popular British TV gameshows.

5. Then again, they didn't understand a lot about any popular British TV.

6. Our basic plumbing eluded them.

7. And they thought Liverpool was a whole different world.

8. One American got very angry about orange juice.

9. This person didn't really get why we're not actually how we seem on TV.

10. Our condiments baffled them.

11. Even common pronunciations perplexed some people.

12. One user comprehensively tore apart our fickle weights and measurements.

13. And apparently we've got Pancake Day completely wrong.

14. This Reddit user seemed like their whole life had been building up to this evisceration of British road signs.

15. No one understood our beloved childhood TV characters.

16. And even normal figures of speech were thought of as being weird.

17. Our governing bodies were questioned.

18. They didn't understand our cultural institutions.

19. Or even the essence of a British temperament.

20. People are baffled by cricket.

21. And, quite frankly, they're a bit accusatory about our role in permitting certain TV shows to be aired.

22. They slated our top government officials.

23. And questioned the reach of what is quite probably a national cuisine.

24. They were perplexed by our celebrities.

25. And horrified by our spreads.

26. And utterly, utterly confused by even simple British expressions.

Find out how Reddit responded to the questions by reading the whole thread here.