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21 Cat Reactions For Every Christmas Situation

Getting through the holidays intact is pretty tough. Let these cats be your guide to socialising through the festive season.

1. When it's Christmas morning and Santa came.

2. When someone says they hate Christmas.

3. When you're waiting for someone to open your Secret Santa present from you.

4. When your parents have friends over and you really, really don't want to have to talk to them, but all the food's downstairs.

5. When your friends leave town for Christmas.

6. When you really, really want to start opening the presents under the tree but your parents say to wait.

7. When you're watching Love Actually with your parents and it cuts to the simulated sex scene.

8. When you meet your cousin's girlfriend for the first time and you're all like, "Her?"

9. When it's time for lunch but you have to wait until everyone's been served to start eating.

10. When an elderly relative starts telling you stories you've heard five or 10 times before.

11. When someone asks you what your new year's resolutions are.

12. When you know who did that Brussels sprout fart.

13. When someone takes the last roast potato.

14. After you've opened all your Christmas cards from distant relatives.

15. When you're the only non-religious person in the family.

16. When someone suggests going for a walk after Christmas dinner.

17. When you have to turn the TV off because the adults want to talk to each other.

18. When your sister gets everyone perfect presents, AGAIN.

19. When you're about to build a hotel on Mayfair in Monopoly.

20. When you eventually lose Monopoly anyway.

21. When you're enjoying a Boxing Day snooze.

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