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    55 Small Victories Every Twentysomething Deserves A Blue Peter Badge For

    Where's ~our~ recognition?

    1) Only hitting snooze twice on your alarm.

    2) Actually eating breakfast.

    3) Not drunk texting a crush.

    4) Stalking someone on your phone back to 2007 and not accidentally liking their stuff.

    5) Resisting the urge to chat shit about someone on social media.

    6) Saying you'll go for one and only going for one.

    7) Refusing a jagerbomb on a weeknight.

    8) Working with a hangover.

    9) Showering at the weekend.

    10) Leaving the house at the weekend.

    11) Only having a one-day hangover.

    12) Actually checking your voicemail.

    13) Doing a big shop.

    14) Checking your bank balance.

    15) Knowing when your bills come out.

    16) Cooking something not in the microwave.

    17) Understanding your toaster settings.

    18) Organising your post beyond just shoving it into a drawer in the kitchen.

    19) Coming to terms with the fact that you're not Radio 1's target audience anymore.

    20) Knowing which week the bins come and which week is recycling.

    21) Actually recycling.

    22) Washing the dishes before mould starts growing.

    23) Understanding your washing machine settings.

    24) Washing your favourite knitted jumper without it shrinking.

    25) Using the correct email etiquette in work emails.

    26) Only watching one episode of something on Netflix.

    27) Buying sensible shoes.

    28) Learning to cook rice properly.

    29) Eating a vegetable or fruit.

    30) Removing all the joke recommendations from your LinkedIn before you apply for a new job.

    31) Decorating your crappy tiny flat.

    32) Saying, "We must meet for a drink soon" and actually doing it.

    33) Bringing an umbrella.

    34) Holding a conversation without checking your phone.

    35) Going to the cinema instead of streaming a film.

    36) Going to the doctor when you feel sick instead of lying in bed forever.

    37) Going to the dentist even though it's terrifying and expensive.

    38) Saving money each month.

    39) Drinking wine with a meal, instead of as a meal.

    40) Only eating Chicken Cottage after three or more pints.

    41) Remembering your colleagues and boss are your friends on social media and censoring appropriately.

    42) Having an answer for questions from relatives about when you're going to settle down.

    43) Having an answer for questions from relatives about whether you're enjoying your job.

    44) Making plans, any plans, for the future and sticking to them.

    45) Understanding how electricity/gas bills work. (Meters? Anyone?)

    46) Getting more than two questions right on University Challenge.

    47) Surviving a night out with your colleagues without embarrassing yourself.

    48) Having a normal, human interaction on Tinder or OkCupid.

    49) Watching the news.

    50) Recognising the sample in a song.

    51) Not pulling a sickie when you can't be bothered to go into work.

    52) Meeting someone new and not forgetting their name.

    53) Meeting someone new and not fudging the handshake/awkward wave/cheek kiss dilemma.

    54) Touching base with your parents, like, for a conversation, not just because you need them to explain how taxes work.

    55) Nailing that move on the dancefloor you've been practicing in your bedroom for ages.

    If you've managed any of those this week, this is for you!