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    Posted on Nov 23, 2014

    The 24 Completely Irrational Stages Of Having An Internet Nemesis

    Maybe nemesis is a strong word, but you're pretty sure the word hateshare was invented for their updates.

    1. There's this person, let's call her "Cathy" - and for whatever reason, you find her really really irritating.


    2. It just takes one small irritation on social media for you to realise that you can't stand her.


    3. You know that "Cathy" is probably really nice in person, but you don't really care.

    4. Because even though "Cathy" has done nothing in particular to you ...

    5. ... She really, really annoys you.

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    6. So you tell your friends and they agree with you.

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    7. Every time "Cathy" shows up on your Facebook feed, you're suddenly furious.

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    8. You endlessly stalk her Instagram and mock her terrible hashtags with your friends.

    9. In fact, your response to her entire Instagram feed is one of confusion and despair.

    Jo Barrow / Media Rights Capital

    10. When you've got nothing to do, you'll go and check out her Twitter timeline only to be instantly enraged by it.


    11. The smallest things drive you crazy - like how she always put a .@ when complaining to brands on Twitter so EVERYONE can see how angry she was with the train company because they made her late for a Very Important Meeting.

    I hate you "Cathy", I literally hate you.

    12. So you hateshare it immediately with a close friend.

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    13. And again, you find yourself mocking her hashtags.

    14. Suddenly, you start noticing them everywhere.


    Is it the algorithms or is it because you're probably a bit obsessed?

    15. Then suddenly "Cathy" gets a really good job, and she is tweeting about it everywhere.

    How is this possible?

    16. You KNOW "Cathy". There is no way someone who takes a quiz to find out the colour of their soul AND who shares the results could be employed like a real person.

    Mutant Enemy Productions

    17. "Cathy" overshares. You know every detail of her life right down to the last time she had cystitis and you hate yourself for it.


    18. Yet whenever everything kicks off on her Twitter, you settle in for a solid night's entertainment.

    Epic Records

    19. You endlessly stalk her Facebook photos.

    20. You don't know why, it just makes you angrier.

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    21. Occasionally she talks to you online, you never really know what to do.

    Deedle-Dee Productions

    This is really awkward because you're actually quite nice. Why do you have to be so annoying?

    22. Some of your friends are a bit concerned, they think you should unfollow or unfriend "Cathy".


    23. You come to a decision - you have to shut the laptop and go outside, and leave poor "Cathy" alone.


    24. But for some reason, even offline, you find ways to refer to her. Everything is "Cathy" now. You're doomed.

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