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    21 Signs Your Best Friend Is Your Hangover Soulmate

    The test of a true friendship is whether you can survive a whole day hungover together.

    1. They never criticise you for what other people might call an exaggerated sense of your own suffering.

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    2. Even though they're just next door, you Snapchat them to work out what happened last night.

    You turn to each other for consolation, and try and work out why your face somehow doubles in size and your lips get 4x as pink every morning after you've been drinking.

    3. They'll cancel their plans to look after you if you're feeling truly awful.

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    There is a silent, unspoken agreement that you're going to wallow in your own filth for anywhere up to the next fifteen hours.

    4. You know you can rely on them for anything - even if they're still sleeping when you're craving attention and food.

    5. They guide you to the sofa if your eyes can't handle the sunlight yet.

    6. They're always on hand with a makeup wipe when you wake up looking like hell.

    7. They'll go and get you something from the kitchen when you need it.


    You have been accepted by the sofa as one of its own kind. You just live there now.

    8. They help you identify that fuzzy feeling and foul taste in your mouth.


    "Oh my god. Did we... is that Jagermeister I can taste?"

    9. They will force you to shower even if the thought makes you weep.

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    "It's for your own good," they tell you, even as the hot water hits your vodka sweat soaked skin and you're overwhelmed with a second wave of drunk and regret.

    10. They commiserate with you if it's sunny outside.

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    Nice weather just adds an extra layer of guilt on top of the fifteen already smothering you.

    11. They'll indulge all your weird hungover whims.

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    "Can you please just squeeze the bridge of my nose?"


    12. Seriously all of them.

    When your super hungover and your BFF knows just what to do 💕

    13. They provide a totally judgement free space for you to deal with the lowest ebb of your hangover.

    14. They help you put together the pieces of last night that you can remember.


    15. And they forgive even your worst lapses of judgement.

    16. When all your limbs seize up from dancing, they'll be there to help you stand up.

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    17. They’ll explain how you got so many new numbers, and let you know whether that guy was hot enough to text back.

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    18. You both know exactly which trashy TV shows and films you're going to watch without consulting on it.


    And when Netflix pauses annoyingly, there's an unspoken agreement about who's going to get off the sofa to press play again.

    19. And if you didn't return until the morning, they'll give you a pep talk until you're feeling powerful again.

    20. You look forward to having a mid afternoon nap with them.

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    21. And even if you are, verifiably, "The Worst" when you're hungover, you know they won't mind, because they're your hangover soulmate.


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