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26 Faces Everyone Will Remember From When They Were Last Drunk

Featuring the "DAMN I look good face."

1. The "Ayyyyyyyyyy" face.

When you're drunk at a party and see your friend

2. The "Keep It Casual" face.

When you're drunk at the bar and bae walks in

3. The "Please Don't Make Me Do This" face.

Face you make when your friends want to pre-game with vodka

4. The "You've Got This Bro, Those Guys Don't Know What They're Talkin Bout. You. Got. This." face.

when you're drunk af pep talking yourself before you go back inside the party

5. The "DAMN! I Look Good" face.

6. The "These Will Never Go On Facebook" face.


Me when I'm trying to control my drunk friends

8. The "You Are Zo Szo Gorjuss. You Are. You Really Are." face.

when i try to act sober for a hot guy at the bar

9. The "But I Was Here Fir.. No Never Mind Serve Him Instead" face.

When you're at the bar and everyone's getting served before you.

10. The "I'm Just Going To Stay Here And Be Quiet Until They Come Back To Save Me" face.

11. The "I Cannot WAIT To Talk To You About This When You're Sober" face.

12. The "You Go On Without Me, I'm Fine, I Promise" face.


when you're drunk af and your friends come pick you up

14. The "Woaaaah. Woah. When Did This Happen?!" face.

When you've been sitting down drinking then stand up and realize how drunk u are. #wait

15. The "C'mon Man, Do I Look Drunk?" face.

Your face when you try to convince someone you're not drunk......

16. The "THIS. IS. MY. JAM." face.

You drunk and your song finally come on in the club

17. The "Who Is That Idiot And Why Are They All Over My Snapchat?" face.

My face when I'm watching my SnapChat story I made when I was drunk the next day.

18. The "I Didn't Want To Have Any Friends Anyway?" face.

Your face when you wake up and go through your drunk text messages from the night before #guilty

19. The "I Look Hot And There Will Be Photos To Document That." face.

my face when I'm drunk and someone pulls out their phone for a picture.

20. The "That's Definitely My ID. Why Am I Acting Like It's Not?" face.

The face you pull when you're wasted and the bouncer is checking your ID before you go in

21. The "Can't Take These Guys Anywhere" face.

Me at a party when my friends are too drunk to function

22. The "He's Not Worth It Babe" face.

When one of your girls is drunk n hears a song reminding her of her ex

23. The "I Had Forgotten What Food Was But I Am So Grateful It Exists" face.

When you're drunk and finally get food

24. The "It Just Slipped And Fell, I Swear." face.

When I come home drunk and try really hard to be quiet but end up dropping an entire bowl of pasta on the floor

25. The "Everything is Pain, Regret And Misery" face.

Me this morning when I woke up face down, in the floor, with like 5 other people & still drunk..

26. The "I will NEVER live that down" face.

When you've been out drinking and your friends tell you what you did the day after