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22 Reasons Everyone In Britain Is Glad It's Finally Autumn

It's two-legs-under-the-duvet season again, hurrah!

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4. This summer has been a constant disappointment for a nation that loves to be disappointed.

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It was relentlessly sunny and beautiful. Whatever happened the good old three-day-long British summer?

6. And any dark, cold walk home can be instantly transformed into something magical if you put on the Harry Potter soundtracks.

9. Rugby season!

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Slide as appropriate for why that warms your cold English heart during the colder months.


14. Hats!

You can keep your floppy straw things – everyone looks good in a knitted beanie.


16. Knitwear.


Autumn knitwear is the greatest kind of knitwear. There's a short space of time between needing thin cardigans and the advent of ironic christmas-jumpers, and that's autumn, aka peak oversized-cable-knit-jumper season.