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    Dec 23, 2014

    22 Faces Every Last Minute Christmas Shopper Will Recognise


    1. When you see "Out of Stock" while online shopping.

    2. When someone asks you for something hideously specific less than a week before Christmas.


    3. Then when you realise all the deadlines for online Christmas shopping days have flown past you.

    4. When suddenly there's only two days left before Christmas.


    5. Preparing to leave the house.

    A Band Apart

    6. When you're on your way to the shops.

    7. When people inform you they finished all their shopping weeks ago.

    8. When you're shopping for your girl and the shop assistant asks you if you're finding everything ok.

    Relativity Media

    9. When you ask people what they want and they say, "Oh, I don't mind, surprise me."

    10. When you enter the shopping centre to face the hordes of desperate late Christmas shoppers.

    Deedle Dee Productions /

    11. When the shopping assistants ask you if you're ok every five minutes.

    12. When you find the perfect present - then see how much it costs.

    13. When you find the present you've been looking for - but it's sold out.


    14. When you hear "Jingle Bell Rock" for the fifth time that day.

    15. When you find a shop with seats in it.

    16. When you find the perfect present for your sister - but you've already bought her something else.

    Bays & Thomas Productions /

    17. When you find a present that's ok but decide to come back later when you have less time and your standards are lower.

    Deedle Dee Productions /

    18. When you see a load of things you want to buy for yourself.

    19. When you're trying to remember even one thing your grandma has expressed an interest in over the course of your entire life.

    20. When you hear on the tannoy that the shop is closing in an hour.

    21. When you've finished all your Christmas shopping but then realise you have to wrap everything.


    22. When you check your bank balance.

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