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    26 Agonising Problems Everyone Who Went To Sixth Form Will Recognise

    Can UCAS not?

    1. Trying to make the leap from GCSEs to A Levels.

    2. By the second week of term, you've completely run out of outfits.

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    3. Sharing your common room with the lower sixth.


    4. Having to deal with these three mean girls.

    5. When teachers actually expect you to do work during your free periods.


    6. Literally struggling under the weight of all the work you have to do.

    7. Having to fend off questions from your parents about your day.

    8. Your parents lecturing you at your open evening.


    9. When you've got a double period before lunch.

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    10. When your mates go to town for lunch but you brought yours in.

    11. Adjusting to school hours after that long holiday after GCSEs.

    12. When you're one mark off the grade boundary.

    13. Teachers who don't hole punch the sheets they give out.

    14. There's always one dickhead in the common room guarding the soundsystem.

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    15. Leaving your coursework until the last minute and then having to stay up all night.


    16. When you see Year 11s in the corridor at school excited about getting to do their A Levels.

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    17. When the world conspires to shit all over you and your efforts to remain organised.

    18. When all your friends pass their driving test before you.

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    19. The stress, the unbearable unbelievable stress.

    20. When you have to put down your predicted grades on your personal statement.


    21. Putting down bronze DofE on your personal statement even though you know no one cares.

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    22. Gossip in the common room.

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    23. When it's Sunday night and you realise you have work due in tomorrow.

    24. Trying to find a clean mug in the common room.

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    25. When you're the last person to turn 18 out of your friendship group.


    26. Getting an email from UCAS at any point after you've submitted your application.


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