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21 Times Tumblr Knew Hermione Was The Best Character In "Harry Potter"


1. When they pointed out how well JK Rowling wrote her.

2. When they made this mash-up.

3. When they turned this moment into epic foreshadowing.

4. When they highlighted this moment of friendship between her and Harry.

5. When they properly understood her character.

6. When they underscored how badass she is.

7. When they reminded everyone how amazing she actually is at magic.

8. When they pointed out that really, the books would have been better with her as the protagonist.

9. When they pictured her life as a child.

10. When they explained the ~real~ reason she's a badass.

11. When they yelled at her for being a nerd.

12. But also when they finally understood why she's such a nerd.

13. When they mashed her up with Regina George.

14. When they knew why JK Rowling wrote in that scene.

15. When she was sassy AF.

16. When they captioned this iconic scene.

17. When they combined the most powerful witch of her age, with the most powerful internet tool.

18. When they pointed out that no one fucks with Hermione.

19. Twice.

20. And again.

21. And when they showed that, despite all her perfections, she was human enough to get annoyed when someone was a bit better than her at something.


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