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    A Man Is Dressing Up As Spider-Man And Feeding The Homeless In Birmingham

    By day, he works in a bar; by night, he's on a mission to feed people living on the streets in his city.

    This is the Birmingham Spider-Man.

    He's dresses up as Spider-Man and walks around Birmingham to offer food to the homeless.

    He's 20 years old, and works in a bar.

    He told the BBC:

    I've worked with homeless and vulnerable people for three or four years and love seeing the smiles on people's faces,

    Then I thought 'if they are happy now, imagine how much bigger the smile would be if it was Spider-Man giving out the food.'

    He buys the food with his own money and doesn't accept donations.

    Another good night feeding the homeless and needy #BrumSpiderman

    Instead, he'd rather people made whatever effort they could to help feed homeless people.

    To those asking I don't accept any money donations, instead I encourage that people get involved themselves and feed those who need it

    Recently I Am Birmingham filmed one of his trips around Birmingham. You can see how he gets on here.

    View this video on YouTube

    You go, Brum Spidey!

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