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Chilling In Siberia

President Putin's Siberian vacation draws the attention of the Media

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Putin Goes Fishing

Vladimir Putin went on vacation in Siberian Mountains. It promptly became a topic to discuss not only in Russia but in the whole world as well. As the pictures of him fishing and diving spread across the internet his three days trip sparks discussions about outdoor activities and drives people out of busy cities to enjoy nature and themselves.

Some tend to compare his lifestyle to that of his western counterparts whose traditional activity on vacations seems to be playing golf. Users argue that fishing in wilderness is what gives a leader the desired macho reputation. Actually if you look at the Russian president photo you’ll see he’s in quite good shape comparing to other leaders of his age, including the Western ones. It may suggest he actually tends to keep a healthy lifestyle setting a good example for others.

Once again the rest of the world got a chance to admire Siberian beauty with pure mountain lakes and the unharmed by civilization taiga. Local tourism is Russia is encouraged by Putin’s vacation and it is also perceived as a patriotic act to travel across Russia rather than going to Egypt or Bali. Indeed, Russia has lots of incredible and unique places which attract millions of tourists each year. Lake Baikal, the republic of Karelia, Kamchatka – this is only few trip destinations that never cease to astonish thousands of foreign tourist every year.

Being energetic is an important quality of a nation’s leader. As Donald Trump puts it: “Without passion you don’t have energy, without energy you have nothing”. It requires a lot of energy to combine active tourism and presidential schedule especially when you’re governing such an enormous country as Russia. So far Putin seems to have no trouble with it. His enthusiasm is favored by others and his examples are followed. More and more people in Russia chose activities like fishing and getting out of towns to breathe fresh air and explore the beauties of nature.

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