• SevenButterflies

      I am Korean-American and grew up in the states, lived in Japan for many years, but never in Korea. In Japan, for the most part, women are not so obsessed with their looks..or at least that’s what it appears like. They usually like dressing cute (kawaii culture) and their makeup style is the “fresh” style - rosy cheeks, accentuated eyes, nicely curled hair with a bow. It’s not so much trying to look sexy, as it is trying to look cute and friendly. One thing I did notice, however, was that there is extreme pressure to be thin in Japan. I believe being thin is more important to them, than their facial beauty. I remember one friend of mine, who was 5’6” and weighed 100 lbs, complaining she was fat. A BMI of 18 would be considered “normal weight” here. I would have to say that group harmony is emphasized over looks in Japan. Also being very polite and the self restricted (not making a scene, not being loud in restaurants or trains, keeping quiet and to themselves, etc). I never heard them complain about other women for their looks though either..I don’t know. I like Japan more than Korea, honestly, because I feel like Korea is very judgmental. I’ve had my share of Korean-Americans bullying me in high school, in America of all places, for the way I looked - “You need plastic surgery!” “Hey, I’m going to photoshop her face on an animal and make fun of this bitch, LOL!” (they emailed the photo out to their friends after the photoshop). Needless to say, I got so turned off by my fellow Korean-Americans, I decided to not make friends with any Koreans from that point on. I just didn’t want to deal with the stress of being around them. Most of my friends now are Japanese and Chinese Americans. I realized even Korean-Americans can shallow and see in black and white. Once in a while, I’ll find a great Korean-American who is much more Americanized not so judgmental, that I truly enjoy their company, but they are rare.

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