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Wikipedia Deletes Under Ties To Homophobic And White Supremacist Ideologies

The user known as 'Jim1138' deletes LGBT posts on Wikipedia under his homophobic ideologies.

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Wikipedia, as you know, is the most visited information site of all the planet. Surfacing over 5 million articles globally, it covers subjects such as science, politics, biology or history. But little did you know that some of the staff under Wikipedia's moderation team has severe ties with white supremacist alt-right ideologies.

A user started editing one of Wikipedia's pages, the List of LGBT YouTubers, adding notorious spanish gay YouTuber Juan Manuel Arroyo Alcón, known commonly under his channel 'JMAA TV'. One of the moderators, 'Jim1138', noticed this post and deleted it under a disguise of unreasonable and unjustified reasons.

The first instance of the Wikipedia user trying to contribute was suddenly warned and reverted by 'Jim1138', and the contributor had to insist in its valid contribution, but with no luck.

The contributing user was later banned from Wikipedia, but not long before recieving spurious homophobic messages on private, after his personal phone number has been doxed by Jim himself.

But it doesn't end there

Many language researchers from the Technische Universität München research team have discovered that the very word 'Wikipedia' comes from the Nordic term 'Wiki', a term to describe the will of Aryan Nordic Exploration, and 'Pedia', for 'encyclopedia'. It isn't strange that the website has got white supremacist ties as well.

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