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16 Ferrets With Better Hair Game Than Donald Trump

These ferrets just have really nice hair.

This is Donald Trump's hair. Maybe you think it looks great. Maybe you don't. Either way, you're about to see some ferrets who have better hair.

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

1. This ferret has a piercing look of confidence because he knows he has very nice hair.

Maarajuberte / Getty Images

2. This ferret's hair is looking really nice.

Alienfromjupiter / Getty Images

3. This ferret's hair is like a golden sunrise.

Globalp / Getty Images

4. These ferrets are clearly making out and yet they somehow manage to keep their hair looking very nice.

Katakym / Getty Images

5. Look at this ferret! What a silky surprise!

Tomlester / Getty Images

6. This ferret is being kind of squeezed and looks a little dead inside and yet the hair is somehow still pretty good.

Creatas / Getty Images

7. Look at you, saucy fella. You've got that sexy salt & pepper look.

Marina Maslennikova / Getty Images

8. Two for the price of one. Both your hairstyles look amazing.

Marina Maslennikova / Getty Images

9. This ferret is screaming about how good his hair looks.

Wabang70 / Getty Images

10. You woke up like this? Don't lie.

Gjohnstonphoto / Getty Images

11. To be honest, this ferret looks a little weird, but the hair is still flawless.

Marina Maslennikova / Getty Images

12. Even with this loving man mussing up their hair, these ferrets are owning the hairstyle game.

Creatas / Getty Images

This post was inspired by @sax_aholic. BuzzFeed <3's you!

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