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The 16 Least Useful DIY Projects Of Pinterest

Who said DIY has to make sense?

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3. Disembodied Feet Made of Rocks

These are perfect accessories for any garden. When the rock people pass through in the night, they will know to respect and fear you, for look what you have done to their brothers.


5. Bottle Cap Wind Chime

What's that I hear out the window? Why, it's the wind's sweet garbage song. You haven't heard true music until you've experienced the delicate clankity-clank of metal slapping together in the breeze.


15. Ice Tray Chocolate Strawberries

Anyone whose ever eaten a chocolate-covered strawberry can tell you that they're just better in one solid, unbreakable chunk of eight. Anyone who wants to eat one at a time can BYOIP. (Bring Your Own Ice Pick)