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    The 16 Least Useful DIY Projects Of Pinterest

    Who said DIY has to make sense?

    1. Corset Coffee Sleeve

    2. Crochet Egg Holder

    3. Disembodied Feet Made of Rocks

    4. Rainbow Spaghetti

    5. Bottle Cap Wind Chime

    6. Vintage Suitcases Instead of Drawers

    7. Acorn Candles

    8. Leather Jacket with Duct Tape Accents

    9. Chalkboard Globe

    10. Mason Jar Stemware

    11. Ants Made of Golf Balls

    12. Paper Bag Tree

    13. IRL Angry Birds

    14. Phone Book Planter

    15. Ice Tray Chocolate Strawberries

    16. Lamp with a Mustache