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15 Things You Shouldn't Miss About College But Do Anyway

This is the only time in your life you get to say "quad."

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1. All-nighters were kind of thrilling when they weren't soul-crushing.

Joanna Borns

Staying up all night feels kind of like you defied nature and became King of the Darkness* even if you wanted to sleep so, so badly.

*Kings of Darkness wait until the last minute to write papers.

2. Competitive drinking was a way of life.

Joanna Borns

While turning alcohol consumption into a game is kind of weird when you really think about it, no one can deny that winning feels good. So you might as well win at as many things as possible. Somehow winning a game of Flippy Cup* feels more thrilling than winning a game of, say, "eat this yogurt really fast."

*Or Flip Cup, calm down.


3. Snow penises seemed juvenile at the time but now there's a snow penis-shaped void in your life.

Joanna Borns

For whatever reason, a snowy college campus means a 100% chance of spotting at least one snow penis, probably more.

4. Life was a little more interesting with that one weird, terrible roommate.

Joanna Borns

Roommates are only good for two things: Eating your food and supplying you with a lifetime of stories to complain about for generations to come.


14. Furnishing your entire home with free stuff

Joanna Borns

It feels like you beat the system when your entire apartment is filled with free stuff, even if it's ugly and came directly from the trash.


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