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    The 9 Hottest Styles For When You Really Don't Care

    It's time to stop trying. Or continue to not try.



    When in doubt, keep it simple. As Coco Chanel should have said, mesh shorts with an elastic waistband never go out of style. Top them off with a T-shirt, preferably one you got for free.



    "Hey, is that Beyoncé?" is what your friends should (but won't) say when you sport this timeless look of head-to-toe sweats. Let everyone know that you're definitely not taking care of business right now.



    Pants are hands down the most overrated clothing item of all time. Often constricting, it's like your legs, butt, and lower torso are in some kind of prison. No thanks. And if you're wracking your brain for some kind of pants alternative, just stop right now. Pants are so over. Embrace this look, pioneered by such fashion icons as Winnie the Pooh and Donald Duck.


    Just because you don't care doesn't mean you can't be fancy. Plus, what if you have to go to a wedding or something? Nothing beats the luxury of soft, plushy velour, and possibly rhinestones.



    This is probably the kind of outfit a modern-day Audrey Hepburn would wear. Effortlessly transition from day to night with just the right touch of whimsy.



    Life is hard. Thank god for ponchos. If you get one big enough you can completely bypass the hassle of other clothes. And don't think you need to spend the big bucks on name-brand Crocs. There are plenty of impostors for up to dollars cheaper. Just ask Anna Wintour.



    If you're feeling insecure but want to accessorize, try putting a paper bag over your head. Eye holes optional. Complete anonymity allows for the ultimate freedom in the rest of your outfit.


    Sometimes clothes make it look like you're trying way too hard. There's nothing easier than throwing on your own garment-like outfit with a sheet. The toga. The ghost. That scene in The Notebook where Allie goes to the door of Noah's house wrapped only in bedding and her mom's at the door. Re-create any of these classic looks with only a sheet.


    A garbage bag is the Little Black Dress of plastic bags. It's versatile, goes with everything, and can keep you moderately dry if it starts raining. Plus, with a garbage bag, you get to be the designer. Poke the head and arm holes anywhere you want for your own unique, personal style. In a pinch, empty tissue boxes can be worn as shoes.