17 Warning Signs Your Relationship With Nutella Is Spiraling Out Of Control

Nutella is a lifestyle.

1. This image makes you feel STRONG FEELINGS.

Flickr: geishabot / Via Creative Commons

2. This is the moment you black out.

Flickr: everyme-everyyou / Via Creative Commons

3. You’re not safe. The Nutella’s not safe. NO ONE IS SAFE.

Flickr: kaikko / Via Creative Commons


Flickr: geishabot / Via Creative Commons

5. You don’t know how to deal with your feelings when you see explicit Nutella images.

Flickr: grisha7 / Via Creative Commons


Flickr: snabelfisk / Via Creative Commons

7. You would not hesitate to crawl inside this Nutella and banana panini.

Flickr: andurinha / Via Creative Commons

This is your home now.

8. You would trade places with this waffle.

Flickr: muckster / Via Creative Commons

9. You find yourself bitterly jealous of this crepe.

Flickr: eszter / Via Creative Commons

10. Nutella + spoon = your favorite recipe.

Flickr: k8s / Via Creative Commons

11. You can’t control yourself at the store.

Flickr: silvian / Via Creative Commons

12. You can’t tell if you died of happiness or simply died choking on so much hazelnut spread.

Flickr: indianadinos / Via Creative Commons

13. You’re not afraid to get right in there.

Flickr: alessandro_crugnola / Via Creative Commons

14. Seeing an empty Nutella jar makes you want to scream “Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!” into the night.

Flickr: bioxid / Via Creative Commons

But you would dive head first into that crepe cake.

15. You get VERY protective of your hazelnut spread.

Flickr: msjoojoo / Via Creative Commons

16. Your Nutella-related actions make other people uncomfortable.

Flickr: jakerlevine / Via Creative Commons

17. Basically, Nutella makes you lose your entire sense of reality.

Flickr: artnbarb / Via Creative Commons

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