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    12 Recipes Everyone Needs For Romance

    Forget "Engagement Chicken." What about One-Night Stand Burritos? You need a recipe for every stage of your relationship.

    1. Sexytime Brussels Sprouts

    2. Respect Me As a Person Pork Chops

    3. Finally Moving in Together Kebabs

    4. Stop Liking Your Ex's Posts On Facebook Ham

    5. Let's Get Pregnant Waffles

    6. I Like Your Butt Shrimp Scampi

    7. We Need to See Eye to Eye on Our Finances Ramen

    8. Don't Be Intimidated by My Success Casserole

    9. We Need to Talk Caesar Salad

    10. I've Been Living a Lie Cupcakes

    11. Breakup Salmon

    12. Divorce Nachos