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We Need To Talk About Nuts In Brownies And Cookies

It's a problem and it needs to stop.

Has this ever happened to you? You're excited to eat a brownie or a chocolate chip cookie...

Eurobanks / Getty Images

Only to discover it's filled with disgusting nuts?


Facing the harsh reality of a beautiful, delicious thing made virtually inedible by the careless addition of an unnecessary ingredient.

Fuse / Getty Images

All you wanted was to bite into a soft baked good.


Only to have hard, bitter chunks jamming up your mouthfeel.

Monkey Business Images Ltd / Getty Images

Why would someone do this? Why would you destroy something so perfect?


What is this sick desire to bite down on something hard?


The worst part is it's always walnuts or pecans, some of the worst possible nut options.


If you want to engage in this kind of depraved behavior behind closed doors, fine. But nut-laced brownies and cookies should not see the light of the day.

Badmanproduction / Getty Images

Assuming people want nuts in brownies or cookies is like assuming everyone wants to eat trash out of your trash can.

David Parsons / Getty Images

Maybe you enjoy eating trash. And that's totally fine. You do you. But it's a little far-fetched to think the rest of us want to eat trash.

  1. Do you like nuts in brownies and cookies?

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Do you like nuts in brownies and cookies?
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    No. It's disgusting and wrong.
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    Yes, I am a monster.

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