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    20 Extremely Important Questions For My Upstairs Neighbor

    Seriously, what are you doing up there?

    1. What could you possibly be doing up there?

    2. Are you aware that there are people living below you?

    3. Do you think it's acceptable to sing "Love Shack" as loud as you can early in the morning?

    4. Do you really think it's acceptable to sing "Walking On Sunshine" as loud as you can early in the morning?

    5. Do you think your acoustic guitar playing is good?

    6. Do you think your Bob Dylan impression is good?

    7. Do you think your Tom Petty impression is good?

    8. Did you know that screaming and singing are two different things?

    9. How did you come to acquire bongo drums?

    10. Do you hate me?

    11. Are you just marching in place for some reason?

    12. How much Ikea furniture could you possibly be hammering together?

    13. When I was a kid my parents had a "no running in the house" rule. Do you think that's a good rule?

    14. Did you invite a bunch of friends over for your "Let's stomp around in heavy boots" club?

    15. What day does that club meet? Is it every day?

    16. Are you getting up on top of your coffee table and just jumping onto the floor?

    17. Is this a game to you?

    18. Did you know that you can officially add "life ruiner" to your resume?

    19. What does it feel like to be so carefree that you've never once considered the wellbeing of a fellow human being?

    20. What is wrong with you?