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    We Listened To The Same Song On Repeat For Five Hours

    Two brave people listened to the song "Breakfast at Tiffany's" on a loop for five hours and lived to tell about it. Sort of.

    Hi. We're Chelsea and Joanna. This is us right before doing something terrible.

    We chose the classic 1995 hit "Breakfast at Tiffany's" by Deep Blue Something to play on a loop for five hours.

    See the video here. We were trying to pick a song that no one would want to listen to for five straight hours. It was between this and "Cotton Eyed Joe."

    We sat in this room for five hours as the song played.

    If we left the room, we brought the song with us on headphones, even to the bathroom.

    Tiffany's, the actual diamond store, seemed to be on board with this plan for some reason.

    Our Thoughts Going In

    Joanna: I feel like this can't be THAT hard.

    Chelsea: I'm worried about getting nauseous or possibly having an anxiety attack. Or both.

    And then Todd Pipes, the vocalist from Deep Blue Something, told us to stop listening to his song or face the consequences.

    Chelsea as she has a mid-meeting meltdown in the last hour of the song loop.


    Joanna: After it was all over I actually did feel a little nauseous. And then I just felt angry. And then I would randomly blurt out the lyrics without realizing it. And I realized that the song was in my head—maybe forever. My DNA was altered and "Breakfast at Tiffany's" will always be somewhere inside my body, from now until my death. And I actually feel like maybe I could've listened to it for longer? But maybe that's the Stockholm syndrome talking.

    Chelsea: At the end, I felt like I had been playing some weird post-apocalyptic video game for 8 hours, still unclear what I put myself through and why. I was dizzy and wondered if today was just a weird day. Then I realized: no, it was weird because you made it weird, Chelsea.

    One thing that surprised me was that I didn't have the song stuck in my head after we finished the five hours. But that's the thing about this song: just when you're feeling confident, it will come in and destroy you at the worst possible moment. And it did. As I was falling asleep, the song crept into my head. It crept right in there like a Rat King making a nest in the subway. And he stayed until I wept myself into a dream about eating Tiffany's.