How Extreme Is Your Devotion To Pizza?

Are you a REAL pizza lover? Or just some phony?

    1. I like pizza.
    2. I love pizza.
    3. I wish I were eating pizza right now.
    4. Pizza is my favorite food.
    5. I have eaten pizza within the last week.
    6. I have eaten pizza within the last 24 hours.
    7. I have eaten pizza within the last hour.
    8. I’m eating pizza right now.
    9. I have had a pizza party.
    10. I have gone on a pizza crawl.
    11. I find the smell of pizza intoxicating.
    12. I live my life from one pizza to the next.
    13. I like pizza more than I like some people.
    14. I like pizza more than I like all people.
    15. I have had pizza delivered to my home.
    16. I have “freaked out” upon the arrival of a pizza delivery person.
    17. I have told a pizza delivery person “I love you.”
    18. I have had pizza delivered two or more days in a row.
    19. I have eaten six or more slices of pizza in one sitting.
    20. I have eaten an entire pizza in one sitting.
    21. There is at least one empty pizza box in my home right now.
    22. I’ve gone an entire day eating nothing but pizza.
    23. I think about pizza at least once per day.
    24. I think about pizza at least once per hour.
    25. I’m never not thinking about pizza.
    26. I always eat the pizza crust.
    27. I have yelled out “PIZZA!” into the night.
    28. I have said “Pizza! Pizza!” mimicking the Little Caesars guy.
    29. I think there is no better food to eat while drunk than pizza.
    30. I have strong opinions about pizza.
    31. I can have long conversations about my pizza preferences.
    32. I am willing to eat pizza with toppings on it that I don’t even like.
    33. I have eaten New York–style Pizza.
    34. I have eaten Chicago–style pizza.
    35. I have eaten St. Louis–style pizza.
    36. I have eaten Naples–style pizza.
    37. I have eaten stuffed crust pizza.
    38. I have eaten thin crust pizza.
    39. I have eaten cold pizza for breakfast.
    40. I have ordered fresh pizza for breakfast.
    41. I have eaten pizza on a bagel.
    42. I have made my own pizza.
    43. I have taken a pizza-making class.
    44. I have been in a pizza-eating contest.
    45. I have a pizza-related nickname.
    46. I have held a pizza-related title of honor, such as “Pizza King.”
    47. In my social circles, I am known as the one who likes pizza the most.
    48. When I go to a by-the-slice pizza parlor and they put my pizza in the oven, waiting for it seems like a painful eternity.
    49. I think pizza is beautiful.
    50. I own a pizza-themed clothing item or accessory.
    51. I have dressed up in a pizza costume.
    52. I have made up a song about how much I love pizza.
    53. I have said, “I love you, pizza,” directly to a pizza.
    54. I have eaten two slices of pizza at once, stacked on top of each other.
    55. I have eaten three slices of pizza at once, stacked on top of each other.
    56. Realistically, I could eat nothing but pizza for the rest of my life.
    57. I do plan to eat nothing but pizza for the rest of my life.
    58. I have a deep and profound respect for pizza.
    59. I have eaten pizza that I just found somewhere.
    60. If a pizza showed up on my doorstep out of nowhere, I would eat it, no questions asked.
    61. I feel like pizza just “gets” me.
    62. Pizza represents who I am as a person.
    63. I would sacrifice love for pizza.
    64. I wish I could marry pizza.
    65. I have married pizza. We’re very happy.
    66. I have become irrationally angry over a lack of pizza.
    67. I have cried because of pizza.
    68. I have screamed because of pizza.
    69. I have had a dream about pizza.
    70. I have set pizza-related goals for myself.
    71. I have seen someone else eating pizza and been sad that it wasn’t me.
    72. I have eaten pizza even though I wasn’t hungry.
    73. I have smuggled an entire pizza into a movie theater.
    74. I live in a fantasy world made entirely of pizza.
    75. I would willingly humiliate myself for free pizza.
    76. I would fight someone for a pizza.
    77. I would promise my first born child for pizza.
    78. I would put myself in harm’s way for pizza.
    79. I would commit a crime for pizza.
    80. I would murder for pizza.

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