How Bad Are Your Life Choices?

Do you need to check yourself?

    1. G Chatted someone while the dot next to their name was red?
    2. Eaten at Taco Bell more than once in one day?
    3. Eaten an entire Cinnabon by yourself?
    4. Gone 48 or more hours eating nothing but cereal?
    5. Consumed two or more energy drinks in a row?
    6. Knowingly eaten expired food?
    7. Eaten food off the floor?
    8. Eaten food off the ground?
    9. Willingly humiliated yourself for free food?
    10. Taken candy from a stranger? (not on Halloween)
    11. Drunk texted an ex?
    12. Chugged milk?
    13. Drank a liquid without knowing for sure what it was first?
    14. Modeled your entire life after a fictional character?
    15. Worn a fedora?
    16. Done a “cinnamon challenge”?
    17. Looked directly into the sun?
    18. Looked directly at the sun during a solar eclipse?
    19. Gotten a tattoo just for the story?
    20. Competed in an eating contest?
    21. Played with matches?
    22. Played with matches after the age of 18?
    23. Put an inanimate object in your mouth just to see if it would fit?
    24. Rough housed?
    25. Horsed around?
    26. Used a glass container near a pool?
    27. Worn flip flops in an urban area?
    28. Intentionally gotten a sunburn in the hopes of getting tan?
    29. Drank a bucket of beer at once?
    30. Owned an air horn for recreational purposes?
    31. Crossed the street without looking?
    32. Looked at porn at work? (in a non-porn-related job)
    33. Left the house without an umbrella on a rainy day?
    34. Gone a week or more without flossing?
    35. Gone a week or more without brushing your teeth?
    36. Run with scissors?
    37. Google image searched medical abnormalities?
    38. Eaten just ketchup by itself?
    39. Recreationally taken shots of mouth wash?
    40. Mixed alcohol with cough syrup, often referred to as sizzurp?
    41. Done a bunch of different drugs all at once?
    42. Done a bunch of different drugs all at once before a job interview?
    43. Done a bunch of different drugs all at once before executing a plan to get back the love of your life?
    44. Stayed up all night to get something important done?
    45. Stayed up all night for no reason?
    46. Did something dangerous “for the Vine”?
    47. Picked up a hitchhiker?
    48. Hitchhiked?
    49. Driven a forklift without proper knowledge of how to operate it?
    50. Gone out drinking the night before a job interview?
    51. Spent more than 8 hours searching for treasure?
    52. Played a prank on someone?
    53. Played a prank on someone that backfired horribly?
    54. Applied for a credit card just to get a free t-shirt?
    55. Drank a bunch of alcohol on an empty stomach?
    56. Had an Etsy store as your only backup plan?
    57. Initiated a race at a stoplight?
    58. Tried to race a police car?
    59. Driven more than 40 mph in a residential area?
    60. Ran off with a guy with a goatee named Roberto?
    61. Purchased magic beans?
    62. Intentionally angered bees, hornets, or wasps?
    63. Blown off a good friend’s wedding?
    64. Blown off your own wedding?
    65. Stopped a wedding?
    66. Removed a police officer’s hat?
    67. Removed a police officer’s hat and said, “I’m the police now hehehe”?
    68. Started a fight because you felt like fightin’?
    69. Started a fight with a bouncer?
    70. Started a fight with a trained martial arts expert?
    71. Started a fight with a bird of prey?
    72. Had intercourse with someone you really, really hated?
    73. Dated someone you kind of hated (while you were dating them)?
    74. Dated someone you really hated (while you were dating them)?
    75. Given an animal as a surprise gift?
    76. Disrespected a police horse?
    77. Made inappropriate advances toward a police horse?
    78. Screamed “You’ll never work in this town again!” at a police horse?
    79. Turned your back on love?
    80. Joined a non-reputable circus?
    81. Purchased an exotic animal?
    82. Impulse purchased an exotic animal?
    83. Attempted to break into a celebrity’s house?
    84. Threatened an elected official?
    85. Ran for office when you didn’t even care about the electorate?
    86. Bought something you couldn’t afford? ($100-$5,000)
    87. Bought something you couldn’t afford? ($5,000-$30,000)
    88. Bought something you couldn’t afford? ($50,000+)
    89. Invested your life savings in a hair-brained scheme?
    90. Taunted a wild animal?
    91. Wrestled a wild animal for recreation?
    92. Wrestled a wild animal to prove your self worth?
    93. Married someone you knowingly didn’t really love?
    94. Went off into the wilderness to start a new life without the proper preparation?
    95. Hunted an endangered animal?
    96. Hunted human beings?
    97. Agreed to transport a stranger’s bags across a country border?
    98. Stolen an animal?
    99. Stolen a child?
    100. Walked across a frozen lake?
    101. Chased a tornado?
    102. Killed someone?

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