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29 Gifts I Actually Really Want

I legit want all these things. Maybe someone you know would want them too.

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2. Baggu Medium Stash Clutch

Oh my god. I just realized I've been using the same makeup bag for seven years. And it's not a cool one. I think it's made by a brand that does camping gear. This would be a welcome upgrade.

Price: $48


5. 24 Pack of Sharpies

Whenever I'm shopping for office supplies, the big pack of rainbow Sharpies always calls out to me. I never buy it because I have no practical application for it in my life. But I've never stopped wanting it.

Price: $19.99

6. Molton Brown Black Peppercorn Body Wash

This seems to be a cult favorite among cool fancy people. However, the Molton Brown website is filled with angry reviews that they ruined the product by changing the scent. That made me scared to try it but I never smelled the original "black peppercorn" so I wouldn't even know what I was missing.

Price: $30

8. Zubaz

It may seem weird, but I've wanted a pair of these pants for years. I've never gotten them because what a dumb thing to spend money on. I also realize this gift guide is heavy on leisure pants, but we're currently in a golden age of leisure pants so we have to ride that wave.

Price: $29.99


9. Dylanlex Ace Ring

I suffer from "nice person face," a condition where my face makes me look like a friendly, approachable person at all times, even though I don't want to talk to anyone. My hope is that some intimidating jewelry will help scare people away.

Price: $130

10. Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

I went into an Aesop store for the first time recently and it was TERRIFYING. It's so fancy. They offered to give me a tea while I was browsing and that's how I knew I was too poor to be in there. But I've still always wanted to try their products because cool fashion and beauty bloggers use them.

Price: $27

12. 100% Pure Beeswax Candle

Some studies suggest that some scented candles are a source of indoor pollution, which is really annoying because scented candles are such a solid gift. So I've been wanting a healthier killjoy candle made of pure beeswax.

Price: $8.95


16. Warm Cotton Fragrance

I bought a rollerball sampler set of the Clean brand perfumes from the impulse purchase section at Sephora and it was the best impulse purchase of my life. This one smells like fresh laundry, which is basically all I want to smell like.

Price: $38


17. Essie Nail Polish in "Butler Please"

This nail polish shade has an insane name. But I recently saw a coworker wearing what I ~think~ is this color and I can't stop thinking about it. But I told myself I'm not allowed to buy it because I already have too many nail polishes. But if someone else were to buy it...that would be a loophole. And yes, I'm secretly "Single White Female"-ing every person I know.

Price: $8.49

18. Lo & Sons OMG Bag

My go-to travel bag is a big, floppy leather tote. It looks really cool and holds a lot of stuff, but the inside is just one big cavern with no pockets. So I'm often rooting around in my bag like a big dummy. I've been looking for a travel bag with a lot of pockets to organize my many important items (snacks) and this bag seems promising.

Price: $192.50


22. DoMatcha Green Tea

I've been wanting to buy matcha powder forever but I've just been too lazy. I like drinking it, plus you could potentially make all those cool matcha green tea desserts on Pinterest. You're probably thinking, "You will never make those Pinterest desserts." BUT I MIGHT.

Price: $26.60

23. Madewell Openweave Scarf

My favorite winter coat is a little too small and zipping it closed is very difficult. I usually wear it open so that cold gusts of wind can blow right into it. So scarves are my friend.

Price: $49.50


25. "ICYU Mad Tho" Muscle Shirt

The description for this shirt is "Feeling a bit sassy today?" And yes! I am! I fell in love with this but at $32 it's "Forever 21 expensive" so I can't bring myself to spend money on it.

Price: $32