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Classic "Friends" Episodes Reenacted By Sloths

How YOU sleepin'?

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The One Where Chandler Grooms Himself After Ingesting Some Leaves


Chandler decides to groom himself after eating some leaves. Meanwhile, Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, Ross, and Joey sleep for 15 hours.

The One Where Rachel Emits Her Mating Cry

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Rachel is in heat and hopes to breed with Ross. To signify this, she emits her signature mating cry and Ross slowly makes his way toward the sound.


The One Where Ross and Joey Are Totally Fine

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Chandler and Joey get locked on the roof, but they are perfectly fine hanging from the fire escape because they've spent their entire lives hanging from trees.

The One Where Joey Carefully Avoids Predators While Pooping

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Joey makes his once-per-week journey to the bottom of a tree to defecate while trying avoid a deadly run-in with a jaguar.

The One Where Monica and Chandler Go Against Their Biology By Mating For Life

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Sloths don't mate for life, but Monica and Chandler are the exception. Meanwhile, Joey, Ross, Phoebe, and Rachel grow a layer of algae on their fur.


The One Where Ross And Phoebe Attempt To Mate

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Ross and Phoebe attempt the act of mating on a pool table but it doesn't work out because they are so used to mating while hanging from a tree.

The One Where Rachel And Monica Get Territorial

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Monica and Rachel occupy the same (unrealistically oversized) tree and were living peacefully until Rachel threatened Monica's young.

The One Where Ross Foolishly Exposes Himself To Predators

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Sloths typically hide in trees but Ross decides to rent a costume that will surely expose his location to potential jaguars, snakes, and eagles who could eat him.