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    17 Reasons To Fill Up On Bread

    That bread basket is going down, so shut up.

    If anyone's ever told you "Don't fill up on bread," this is why you should ignore them.

    1. Because the bread is just sitting right there.

    2. Because no one should tell you what to do.

    3. Because it's your life.

    4. Because maybe you're starving.

    5. Because maybe you have an impressive above-average capacity for bread.

    6. Because maybe you're going to ask the waiter for a second bread basket.

    7. Because maybe you didn't want dinner anyway.

    8. Because maybe by the time dinner comes you'll be hungry again.

    9. Because maybe you're going to eat the entire bread basket yourself.

    10. Because the bread is FREE.

    11. Because that bread was destined to go in your mouth.

    12. Because you and the bread have already entered into an unspoken agreement that you're going to eat it.

    13. Because the bread basket has NO RULES.

    14. Because what are they going to do? Wrestle the bread out of your hands?

    15. Because you have to stand up for what you believe in.

    16. Because no one can stop you from going after what you really want.

    17. Because BREEEEEAD.