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The Problem With Duck Face, According To Actual Ducks

Ducks take major issue with those selfies.

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Don't think that just because I'm a duck I haven't seen what you've been doing on Instagram.

How long did you think you could go on making your little "duck faces" all over the internet before DUCKS found out about it?

You're associating THIS with ducks? What the hell, you guys?

Is this really what you think we look like???

At first it was confusing. We were like, what the eff are these people doing with their faces? Trying to kiss a ghost?

Ohhhhh, they're trying to look like us! That's cute. But this...

Ducks are PERFECTLY RESPECTABLE birds. And you've gone and made them a laughingstock.

Dude, what maniac says this even looks like a duck?

But more importantly, You can't tarnish the good name of ducks and get away with it.

The next time you're taking a selfie, better check the background in your phone screen.