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    15 Mildly Disturbing Photos Of Dolls Eating Pizza

    Do dolls even like pizza?

    1. Here's a doll just enjoying an entire doll pizza.

    2. Come join this doll for a dead-inside pizza party.

    3. Just a pants-less doll enjoying some pizza alone in the dark.

    4. What's a good way to lure creepy dolls out of hiding? Just set this pizza down and... Oh god! Here come the hands!

    5. Wait for the doll hand. Here it comes. Can't resist coming out of the shadows for some pizza.

    6. It's customary to rest your hand next to the pizza for a while, just easing into the situation.

    7. This thing is on its way to deliver pizza to your nightmares.

    8. More nightmares.

    9. Please sit rigidly with me and enjoy a pizza pie in this fun scenario.

    10. They've been standing around that pizza like that for 7 hours, just staring with cold, dead eyes.

    11. Laying next to my pizza for a while.

    12. Staring into your soul.

    13. Did anyone order a side of sexual tension with their pizza?

    14. This doll isn't eating pizza at the moment but her name is "Miss Pizza Pie" and it's good to end on one last terrifying thing.

    15. Just kidding. Here's the one last terrifying thing. Say goodnight, Pepperoni the Clown.

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