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    11 Awkward Struggles Of Being An Introvert And Dead

    Dead introverts need ME TIME.

    1. Your ride to the party doesn't want to leave so you're stuck just going through a wall.

    2. You worried people would stop inviting you places because you canceled plans so often and now they REALLY stop inviting you because you're dead.

    3. When people keep asking "Are you OK?" in response to your expressionless face when you're just deep in thought and also dead.

    4. You were always a little worried you would die alone and then you did.

    5. Your rightful home is always inhabited by loud, annoying alive people interrupting your much-needed quiet time.

    6. It uses all your energy always being "on" when guests are in your house.

    7. Mediums reach out to you and interrupt your alone time when the last thing you want to do is talk to a stranger.

    8. When people you don't even know get invited to your house and you don't have the energy to haunt perfect strangers.

    9. When people refuse to move even though their house is CLEARLY haunted and you worry you'll never get alone time again.

    10. When children with a sense of adventure don't realize you need time to recharge before you can interact with people again.

    11. When ghost hunters don't seem to realize you don't want to hang out right now.