17 Lighthearted Death Threat T-Shirts For Dads Contemplating Murder

    Oh, so like murdering your daughter's boyfriend? Cool, cool.

    1. There are a lot of T-shirts about killing or injuring your daughter's date.

    2. Most of them are a friendly reminder that you have a gun and a murder plan in place.

    3. But you don't have to have a gun. Fists will also work.

    4. Or you can always just hatchet your daughter's date to death if you don't have a gun and are too tired to punch.

    5. Sometimes your daughter's attractiveness becomes relevant.

    6. Some of the threats are more subtle.

    7. This one is more direct about the killing.

    8. Sometimes the good Lord is involved.

    9. This shirt is kind of like a spiritual advisor.

    10. This one will make you think.

    11. This one, while coy, is a little more ominous with the shovel graphic.

    12. Nice try, Geek Dad, but now everyone knows your plan because of this shirt.

    13. Some added insight into what might drive a man to kill.

    14. Moms can be brought into the murder scheme.

    15. The bullet holes really let you know this shirt means business.

    16. This one at least implies that the boyfriend lives but what is going on with this graphic?

    17. OK!