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Why You Need To Stop What You're Doing And Date A Robot

Beep boop beep boop true love.

1. You can just program a robot to respect all your needs and desires instead of having an uncomfortable conversation.

Digital Vision. / Getty Images

2. It’s impossible for a robot to forget your birthday.

Video-doctor / Getty Images

3. You don’t have to worry about hurting its feelings.

Deniseus / Getty Images

4. A robot will respond to your texts with great efficiency.

Daj / Getty Images

5. A robot will never make you have an annoying conversation about feelings.

548603 / Getty Images

6. You can program it not to cheat on you.

Abidal / Getty Images

7. If your robot has a screen, you can watch Netflix on it while you snuggle.

Ivannikulin / Getty Images

8. Robots don’t mind labels. If you’re ready to make it official, so is your robot.

Ivannikulin / Getty Images

9. You decide when you’re ready to say “I love you” and then just program the robot to say it back.

Kirillm / Getty Images

10. You can leave clothes on the floor and dishes in the sink and the robot won’t complain.

Muratsenel / Getty Images

11. A robot is way smarter than a dumb person.

Nik01ay / Getty Images

12. You can brag to everyone you know about how good your robot boyfriend/girlfriend is at chess.

Ilexx / Getty Images

13. A robot always stays calm and exhibits no emotion whatsoever in a crisis.

Ociacia / Getty Images

14. If your phone is dying while you’re on a date you can just plug it into your robot boyfriend/girlfriend for a quick charge.

Josefkubes / Getty Images

15. A robot will never die.

Kirstypargeter / Getty Images

This post was inspired by @caeli_wynne via Snapchat. BuzzFeed <3's you!

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