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I Tried To Be Britney Spears On Instagram

It's harder than it looks.

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So, I tried to recreate as many classic Britney Instagram moments as I could.

How hard could it be?

Here are some photos/strategies you can replicate if you, too, want to Instagram like Britney Spears.


Feature your latest fragrance.

Instagram: @britneyspears / Instagram: @jbornz

My latest signature fragrance is a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol, which is maybe a little edgier than Britney's. She really makes posing with a little bottle look effortless. I had to try about ten times to even come close to looking like a normal person while doing this.

Britney's likes: 136,000

My likes: 8


Post an image that embodies the spirit of magic inside us all.

Instagram: @britneyspears / Instagram: @jbornz / Thinkstock

Honestly, I was just browsing stock photos for things I thought Britney would post. I didn't even realize she had posted an almost identical image already. My mind was clearly in the Britney headspace.

Britney's likes: 54,200

My likes: 4

One of the most difficult challenges for me was mimicking the videos of Britney dancing.

Instagram: @britneyspears

Britney's likes: 119,000

But I feel like I came very, very close to looking like a professional and iconic dancer.

Instagram: @jbornz

My likes: 16

Being Britney

I was a fool to think I could be anything like Britney Spears. It was hard. Impossible, actually — even with the out-of-focus shots and inspirational quotes.

My friends, after a few days of this behavior, sheepishly asked me if I was trying to make my Instagram bad on purpose. I was like, "Haha, no it's OK. I AM doing things differently. Thanks for noticing."

However, trying to mimic Britney's Insta made me appreciate her status as an icon even more. She can post things that your aunt would post on Facebook and it doesn't matter because she's Britney, bitch. She clearly posts whatever the hell she wants whenever she feels like it. Most of us try to carefully curate our feeds to look cool, but NOT like we're trying too hard. She just posts literally whatever. Being successful enough to post a sad butterfly fairy without people questioning it is what it's all about. I can only hope to be more like her in time.