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The Top 9 Breathing Sounds In Britney Spears Songs

Ha hoo heh huh huff.

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8. How I Roll

Christian Saad / Via

Album: Femme Fatale

These breathing sounds don't rank high because while the song is playful and talks about kitty cats, the breaths are a little reminiscent of someone struggling for air.

5. Me Against The Music

Vevo / Via

Album: In The Zone

It's unclear whether or not this breathing comes from Britney, Madonna, or someone else, but there sure is a lot of it. Bonus: Britney does do one big super breath at the very beginning.

2. Boys

Vevo / Via

Album: Britney

Aside from saying "Get nasty" a hell of a lot of times, this song is peppered with all kinds of breathing sounds. They are pretty much a constant fixture in the background and then Pharrell tops it off with some nice "Ahhhhs."

1. I'm A Slave 4 U

Vevo / Via

Album: Britney

Easily the most iconic Britney Spears breathing sequence of all time, showcased by the video's inexplicable pile of clothed writhing people. It was the first Britney single that made everyone stop and say "Wait a minute... this is sexual." And the heavy breathing really took it to Sex Town.