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This Post Is Supposed To Make You Feel Better Right Now

Come experience raw joy.

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To get the best experience, play this song while you scroll down.

If you don't play the song, you're only cheating yourself out of the full experience. It's time to enjoy life.

Do not fear joy.

Now, prepare to feel better...

We live in a world where it's totally legal to make a sandwich out of ice cream and cookies.

This is allowed.

This is totally fine.

This is real life.

No one goes to jail for this.

Getty Images

But before you get too hungry, look at these beautiful horses.

Aren't horses so pretty?

Such kind, gentle eyes.

These horses know the true meaning of friendship.

This horse is down for anything.

Oooo this one has weird eyes.

If the horses were too stimulating, relax with some nice falling snow.

Now that you're relaxed, check out how relaxed these bunnies are.


Oh no, guess what time it is?


Now it's time to check in on how these tiny turtles are coming along with their novel.

Not making much progress.

That's OK! You're so tiny.

Now, back to horses.

Mmmmm beach horses.

Let your troubles melt away with this luxurious hair.

Remember, grilled cheese sandwiches are so delicious and easy to make.

So cost effective.

So cheesy.... so horses...

Fine, fine horses.

Life is beautiful.

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