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    Where The Hell Are You Supposed To Wear A Bodysuit?

    What are you??? I don't understand.

    1. Bodysuits seem to be having a moment, but WHAT ARE THEY? WHY ARE THEY?

    2. I remember seeing bodysuits like this one in catalogs in the 90s and thinking, "What is this? A business casual swimsuit?"

    3. You just wanted to wear a velvet swimsuit with sleeves? But it's not a swimsuit, right? Otherwise it would just be called a swimsuit... right? Can you get it wet???

    4. Some bodysuits have a lingerie vibe, and that works because lingerie isn't supposed to make sense. It's just supposed to look cool.

    5. But other bodysuits are very clearly NOT lingerie. Where do you wear this? An illegal gymnastics meet in the woods?

    6. I get that you can wear pants or a skirt over it. But... why?

    7. Sure, it's physically impossible for it to become untucked, but is that worth the struggle you will inevitably go through in the bathroom?

    8. I want to understand. I genuinely want to know where you can wear a ruffled denim one piece. I want to know of the magical place where this piece of clothing makes sense.

    9. Or this one. Again, it's not technically a swimsuit. So... you would wear this to...??? Probably a really cool party I'm not invited to where no one wears pants and the Queen of Beers greets her loyal subjects.

    10. At this point, you might as well wear an entire sequin jumpsuit if your pelvis is already trapped in a pelvic prison.

    11. Why should fishnets be limited to your legs when they can go on your torso, arms, and neck?

    12. This one just seems dangerous. But handy for avoiding hugs.

    13. This one you could actually wear anywhere. The cape sleeves feel like a power move that no one would question.

    14. And this one you could wear to a wedding...on a sexy spaceship 100 years in the future.

    15. Do you workout in this? Do you put this on to sit alone and reflect quietly on your life? It's just not clear.