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21 Life Hacks To Avoid Eye Contact With Strangers, Or Anyone

The eyes are the horrible, awful windows to the soul. Look away!

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The risks associated with accidental eye contact are huge.

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When you accidentally make eye contact with a stranger, or, God forbid, prolonged eye contact, or, sweet merciful heaven almighty, REPEAT accidental eye contact, it can send any of these signals to the stranger:

1. I'm a freak who just looooves making eye contact with strangers.

2. I invite your conversation.

3. I'm in love with you.

ALL BAD. But don't worry--there are many ways to prevent this nightmare.

1. Sunglasses are your secret weapon.

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This may SEEM obvious, but are you really taking full advantage of your shades? Are you wearing them on cloudy days? Indoors like Kanye West? At night like Corey Hart? Horrifying eye contact can happen in all places, not just the beach.


4. The book.

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The book is an old standby, and you don't even really have to read it, but BE CAREFUL with this one. The book can invite questions like "What are you reading?" which can then lead to horrible, horrible eye contact. Exercise caution.

5. Look at your phone.

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You're probably doing this anyway, which is great, but people are always complaining about how often everyone looks at their phone. The key is to make sure you look like whatever you're looking at is REALLY IMPORTANT then you can avoid both eye contact and jerk status