Are You So Bad?

OMG you’re so bad!

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  1. Check all that apply.
    1. I have considered ordering dessert.
    2. I have asked for a dessert menu.
    3. I’m thinking about dessert right now.
    4. I like eating dessert.
    5. I have eaten a dessert and enjoyed it.
    6. I have eaten dessert today.
    7. I have eaten two dessert-like items in the same day.
    8. I have eaten three or more dessert-like items in one day, possibly in one handful.
    9. I have referred to a dessert item as being “like crack.”
    10. I have ordered an alcoholic drink at brunch.
    11. I have ordered multiple alcoholic drinks at brunch.
    12. I have flirted with the waiter.
    13. I have laughed at a joke that was made at another person’s expense.
    14. I have made a joke at another person’s expense.
    15. I skipped the gym today.
    16. I have eaten solid food during a juice cleanse.
    17. I have eaten French fries before.
    18. I have said yes to whipped cream.
    19. I have used the word “naughty” in a non-sexual way.
    20. I have referred to someone as my “partner in crime.”

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