Are You Living A Lie?

What are you hiding?

    1. I have told a lie.
    2. I have told a lie today.
    3. I have told more than one lie today.
    4. I feel like I am forced to lie often.
    5. I have lied to people I care about.
    6. I have used a fake ID.
    7. I have used a fake ID for something other than underage drinking.
    8. I have worn a disguise. Not a costume, a disguise.
    9. I have created a fake online profile.
    10. I have “catfished” someone.
    11. I go by an alias.
    12. I have more than one alias.
    13. My alias is cooler than my real name.
    14. Sometimes I forget which name I should answer to.
    15. I keep people from different parts of my life deliberately separated.
    16. None of my friends or family have met my “girlfriend/boyfriend.”
    17. I live in constant fear of saying the wrong thing.
    18. Every day I feel like I’m just putting on a show for everyone.
    19. Secret, secret, I’ve got a secret.
    20. Secrets, secrets are no fun. Secrets, secrets hurt someone.
    21. Sometimes I feel crushed by the weight of my secrets.
    22. NO ONE can know my secret.
    23. Seriously, if anyone learns my secret I’m so screwed.
    24. I have a secret family.
    25. I have two secret families.
    26. I have three or more secret families.
    27. I’ve done a bad thing that no one can know about.
    28. It was a very bad thing.
    29. A very, very bad thing.
    30. I’m very skilled at hiding the truth.
    31. I have woven a web of lies.
    32. I have a hard time living with myself.
    33. I find it hard to keep up this charade.
    34. What am I doing?
    35. I don’t even know who I am anymore.
    36. I look in the mirror and I don’t recognize myself.
    37. Sometimes I just want to blurt out the truth.
    38. But I can’t.
    39. I can’t.
    40. I CAN’T!!!!!!!

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