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Are You An Old Millennial?

There are young millennials and old millennials.

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  1. Check all that apply.

    I watched TRL after school.
    I watched the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" / "Dawson's Creek" block on the WB.
    I remember when Britney Spears was new and cool.
    I spent time burning perfect mix CDs.
    I downloaded music from Napster.
    I posted to an online message board.
    I remember the OJ Simpson trial.
    I remember when Bill Clinton was in office.
    My first cell phone was analog.
    I used floppy disks at school.
    AIM was still a thing when I was in college.
    I got kicked off my parents' health insurance after graduating college.
    When I was in college students who brought a laptop to class were weird.
    I was on Facebook when it required a college email address.
    I was on Facebook when photos were first introduced.
    I was on Facebook when you could edit other peoples' walls.
    I watched "Boy Meets World" and "Family Matters" on TGIF.
    "Are You Afraid of The Dark" was a little scary but I watched it.
    "Saved by the Bell" reruns changed my life.
    I remember when the first "Now! That's What I Call Music" CD came out.
    I remember when three-way calling on a landline seemed exotic.
    I owned a pair of wide leg jeans.
    I went to a school dance with glitter on my face.
    I watched music videos on MTV.
    I remember pre-"Zoolander," when Orange Mocha Frappuccinos were something you could really order at Starbucks.
    I willingly went to see Adam Sandler movies in the theater.
    I remember when wearing pulled-up white socks with Adidas slides was cool.
    I wore flared jeans that dragged on the ground.
    I remember when "Rugrats," "Ren & Stimpy," and "Doug" came out as the first original cartoons on Nickelodeon.
    I watched Nick at Nite even though I didn't know what was going on half the time.
    I watched "Wild & Crazy Kids," "Guts," and "Legends of the Hidden Temple."
    I just missed being young enough to fully appreciate SpongeBob.
    I wasn't a kid when the "Harry Potter" books came out.
    I remember when dark blue Wet n Wild nail polish was the only nontraditional color sold at the drugstore.
    I played Oregon Trail at school.
    I had a Blockbuster membership card.
    I remember when Subway had those little stamps you had to lick for getting a free sandwich.
    I remember how exciting it was when Gushers first came out.
    I owned Beanie Babies.
    I had weird conversations with strangers in Yahoo chat rooms.
    I remember when M&M colors included light and dark brown.
    I was allowed to eat peanut butter at school.
    I was young enough to watch "Barney & Friends" but I still thought it was weird.
    I never questioned the weird white baseball cap Britney Spears wore in the "Sometimes" video.
    I saw "Jurassic Park" in theaters and was at least a little scared.
    I remember when Hot Topic first opened at the mall.

Are You An Old Millennial?

You're either too young to be a millennial or too old to be a millennial.

Probably Not a Millennial
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You're still so young and beautiful. You have so much life left to live. You're a millennial but you're not old and jaded yet.

Young Millennial
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You're an old millennial. You get all the grief for being a "millennial" even though you're a regular adult member of society. You're so wise.

Old Millennial
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