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    26 Under-$100 Home Items From Target Your Guests Will Think Were Much More Expensive

    And just like that, your guests are asking for tips.

    1. A modern over-the-mantel mirror, because this uniquely shaped reflective piece adds a dimension of good taste when hung over a console table, fireplace, vanity, sofa, dresser, or anywhere else in your groovy pad.

    the curved modern over the mantel mirror

    2. A tufted square pouf, so you can rest your feet in fabulous boho style on a lovely, nubbly cotton-wool blend surface surface.

    3. A sleek, modern industrial wood and metal end table, because its airy yet practical style pulls your living room together — plus, its open storage make stashing magazines, folded blankets or a cooling cup of tea as you veg out on a comfy chair so much easier.

    the round industrial modern wood and metal end table

    4. A retro-inspired doormat, since you want your guests to know you're serious about hospitality — and there's no better way to prove that than with a medium-pile mat to trap dirt stragglers and dust bunnies before friends go traipsing into your pristine abode.

    5. An irresistible tufted throw pillow to absentmindedly caress while you daydream about how to add even more splashes of color and cozy to your loveseat, accent chair, sofa or bed.

    6. A four tier metal and wood shoe rack, because you're a grown up now and respect the nine most-used pairs of shoes in your life enough to lovingly display them. Better yet, this vertical storage style will free up your entry way, so you can arrive and depart in high style every time, without tripping over a spare pair of flats.

    the ten tier steel shoe rack for thirty pairs of shoes

    7. An ombre stoneware mug (or several) to lend each sip of morning java a subtly satisfying texture and understated elegance before you pop that cup in the dishwasher (or microwave — no worries, it's microwave and dishwasher-safe)!

    8. A lush dove stitched quilt to elevate your bedding game with its unique allover pattern. Also, no one's complaining about its compatibility with an array of inviting shams, throw pillows or whatever other classy decor you've got going... prioritize catching all those elegant Z's.

    9. An ultra soft, machine washable shag accent rug, because your tootsies deserve a tender landing pad upon waking. And when this cute little modern touch is peeking out from under your bed, your toes will know they're in for something luxurious.

    the machine washable shag accent rug

    10. An embroidered cotton blend curtain panel to outfit your windows with refreshing white and gold tones and uplift any room with softly filtered light (and these beauties are washer/dryer friendly, to boot)!

    the embroidered cotton blend curtain panels

    11. A timeless adjustable schoolhouse lamp, since it never hurts to have a lighting source that you can place on its sturdy base wherever you need a warm beam (and you've been known to have a bit of a weakness for all things vintage-inspired in your cozy eclectic castle).

    the adjustable schoolhouse lamp

    12. A freestanding eight-bottle acacia wood wine rack to hold your finest vintages or securely store those mineral water bottles that have been clanking around your kitchen counter. After all, a little organization goes a long way when it comes to updating your beverage presentation system.

    the acacia wood free standing wine rack

    13. A solid wood letter board, because who doesn't love having the last word? The laser-cut lines and easy-to-inset letters make the perfect space for a neat message of your choice — be it inspirational, a practical reminder or just for fun — that really pops.

    14. A rectangular wood and metal coffee table to pull together a dining room, living room, common space or work area with industrial clean lines and a practical lower shelving situation that's primed for your choicest reads, plants and whatever else catches your fancy.

    the rectangular wood and metal coffee table

    15. A modern two-tiered shelf lamp to integrate a few choice design elements in your space — namely, it combines illumination with space to store some front-of-mind books, small potted plants, framed memories or a thoughtful display of nifty knickknacks.

    the modern two tiered shelf floor lamp

    16. A rustic woodgrain nightstand, since the last thing you want to have to do before hitting the hay is figure out where to set down your "media accessory," book or drink (on the floor, right where you can step on it during a late-night bathroom run? Yikes). This design includes an open cubby hole so you can grab whichever novel or beauty item you please without ever having to get out of bed (main goal).

    the rustic woodgrain nightstand

    17. A set of warm light fairy vines, because you don't feel like yourself until there's a soupçon of magic in the room. These inviting, battery-operated lovelies whisper soft, playful enchantment into any setting.

    the set of warm light fairy vines

    18. A pair of carved wooden lattices to add dimension to your wall with an airy, boho energy and natural tone (bonus points for tucking little design accents into or among the carve-outs, like silk flowers, old photograph or tiny souvenirs from travels past).

    the set of carved wooden lattices

    19. A versatile double storage ottoman to offer up a cushiony rectangular seat, foot rest, storage for linens or shoes and treasure chest for just about any other undesirable clutter you wish out of sight and mind.

    20. A Himalayan salt lamp with a neem wood base, because we're all learning to leave our frazzle at the door and embrace soothing self-care. You can easily up your home's nurturing ambience, thanks to this (dimmable) amber light. PS: Did you know that neem wood naturally repels bugs? So this gem holds the added benefit of deterring unwelcome six-legged guests.

    the hand carved himalayan salt lamp with neem wood base

    21. A loomed striped cotton bath rug with corner tassels to give your tootsies a comforting landing pad on the way out of the shower/in front of a vanity, while complimenting your bathroom with spa-like elegance.

    22. A minimalist freestanding floor mirror, so you can see the whole picture when you're pulling together an outfit — or just enjoy the illusion of a little more space, via its simply elegant frame and hairpin back stand.

    23. An ornate cut out ceramic oil diffuser to elevate your home's vibe with gently changing internal lights, a subtly soothing aroma, and next level convenience (it shuts off when the water runs out and otherwise has a nine-hour run time, so you can breathe easy).

    the ornate cut out ceramic oil diffuser

    24. A tall stand floor lamp with a linen lampshade, because the spaces between your armchairs are probably under-optimized and this lamp can transform them with its soft, strategically positioned glow.

    the tall stand floor lamp with tan linen lampshade

    25. A woven storage bin to get a handle on your clutter and spruce up a desktop, coffee table, kitchen counter or shelf with a little utilitarian charm.

    the woven bin

    26. A simple rustic round wooden tray with a mirror base that's easy to move around on account of its handles. Change up the details in your space easily with this tray, and use it to display some swish snacks, trinkets, flowers, or just keys that you're tired of hunting down.

    the round wooden tray

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