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    27 Things From Lowe's That'll Instantly Help Improve Your Backyard

    From attractive, resilient outdoor furniture to fun garden accents, here's everything you need to make your yard a summer dream come true.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A mosquito-repelling steel citronella garden torch, because you'll love the gorgeous natural flaming glow as much as you'll love its ability to ward off all those bugs that try to nibble on you and your guests while you enjoy an evening on the deck.

    the  steel mosquito repelling citronella garden torch

    2. A solar-powered patio umbrella to shade you on scorching days and light your nights beneath the stars via the clever LED lighting system built into its underside.

    3. A mesmerizing, antique finish copper wind spinner, since this centuries-old style of kinetic art will captures the eye and imagination of anyone who enters your garden. Gaze at it while you sip a cool drink, or use it to check if there's a decent breeze brewing. Plus, its self-orienting design seeks out the optimal spin and it is cleverly sealed to resist moisture, rust and dirt.

    the  mesmerizing copper antique finish wind spinner

    4. A whimsical woven metal frame egg chair with cushioned seat to perfect your porch game. It works as a standalone piece, or in groupings to bring family and friends together via inviting pods of cool, linen-inspired plush pillow coziness.

    5. A pop-up canopy, so you can make sure your yard always has shade. This will come in handy the next time the planet does that pesky thing where it slowly turns nonstop all day, every day, causing the sunlight to seemingly move across your lawn and your natural shade to basically ~vanish~ at certain times.

    the instant setup10 foot pop up canopy

    6. An ornate handmade recycled glass watering stake for small indoor or outdoor potted plants, to simplify your watering system. The colorful globes slowly release the perfect amount of water needed into the soil, and beautify your surroundings in the process.

    the Ornate handmade recycled glass watering stakes for small indoor or outdoor plant pots,

    7. A stately three-tier resin fountain, so that even when you're dining on cold macaroni salad, flat soda and ice pops under the mid-afternoon sun in your yard, the soothing sounds of gurgling water from this fountain will whisper, "Enjoy your privately cooked outdoor meal in this luxurious palazzo garden, friend."

    8. A charming 5-foot natural cedar bridge to really clinch your landscaping game. This moisture, decay, and insect-damage-resistant bridge will imbue your garden with greater dimension and give the whole yard a bit of a cozy "ending of a delightful rom-com" vibe.

    the charming moisture and insect resistant 5 foot natural cedar bridge

    9. A quaint pair of solid wood cornhole game boards, so you and your nearest and dearest can refine your coordination with this classic summer yard game. Take turns expertly tossing bean bags, honing your accuracy (and hopefully a bit of that golden sun-kissed summer glow) in the process.

    the set of old timey solid wood corn hole game boards

    10. A colorful illuminated inflatable chair with over a hundred different light combinations and effects, because they're comfy, fun, and they'll let the neighbors know you've perfected the art of nocturnal backyard seating (poolside or otherwise). These glowing durable PVC vinyl thrones are so swaggy, you might just have to bring them indoors for the winter months.

    11. A squirrel-proof metal bird feeder so you can roll out the welcome mat for all your fine-feathered friends. This feeder allows them to feast on safflower, black oil sunflower seeds or birdie chips in good health and spirits, without any interference from any bushy-tailed little invaders (sorry, squirrels). 🐿

    the squirrel proof metal bird feeder

    12. An epic 16-foot trampoline with safety enclosure, because no matter your age, it feels amazing to leap around outdoors on a warm day. And since you're all about that safety-first life, you'll appreciate the way the gap-free net keeps everyone secure while bouncing, so you can focus instead on the very important business of photographing your friends and family pulling ridiculous faces mid-air.

    person jumping on the large trampoline

    13. A dreamy solar-powered fabric lantern to elegantly ramp up your outdoor ambience. They automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn, and are weather-resistant, so you don't have to worry about them, and can spend your energy thinking about other, better things — like whether they look best hung solo or strategically grouped together.

    the battery operated outdoor fabric lantern

    14. A 13-foot steel frame above ground pool with a partial canopy, so you can get around to making those summer memories, one splash at a time. Cool down in the comfort of your outdoor space without breaking ground or pouring any concrete.

    15. A soothing cushioned wicker swivel glider chair to perch on in utter comfort as you laze through your summer reads, catch up on the latest backyard gossip, or just gloat because your genius plan to wake up early and snag the comfiest chair on the patio is a success.

    the cushioned chair

    16. A canopied outdoor futon swing that seats three, because no one can resist the allure of these gently swinging shaded seats on a sweltering day. But this swing has a twist — you can fold it flat and transform it into a daybed, perfect for your late night chitchats or musings of the universe!

    17. An oversized block stacking game to draw all the amateur architects in your life together for some healthy competition, as they assemble — or topple — the 48 wooden pieces (which come tucked in a canvas carrying bag for easy tidy-up and transport).

    the  oversized farmhouse chic block stacking game

    18. A professional grade horseshoes game set for parties, barbecues or whatever other outdoor event takes your fancy this summer. Everyone loves a fun lawn game and this set comes with a travel case, so you can take the fun with you anywhere.

    the professional grade horseshoes game set

    19. A stylish four piece cushioned metal frame conversation set to set an ideal scene for intimate gatherings in your illustrious backyard oasis. Get ready to be the owner of the best roundtable summertime seating situation in all the land.

    the stylish 4 piece metal frame conversation set with

    20. A stackable metal frame chaise lounge because you waited a long time for summer — now, it's finally time to throw on some shades and lay back on the delicious support of the chair's sling seat, fully supported while you wiggle your toes at the warm breeze.

    21. A matte metallic leaf embellished garden trellis to accommodate your gorgeous climbing vines and blooms, while also serving as a pretty back drop for your morning glories, clematis or sweet peas when placed freestanding in your garden or tucked against a shady wall.

    22. A cool little doggy inn, since pets need to escape the sun, too. Your fur baby will dig kicking back inside this wooden structure, under a hinged roof and on top of an easy to clean, removable floor.

    the little doggy inn

    23. A pretty two-piece cushioned wicker conversation set to enhance your patio with laidback rattan charm and old school functionality. Send the hint to visitors that you're not only ready to sit down and chat, but also effortlessly chic.

    the pretty 2 piece wicker patio conversation set with cushions

    24. A playfully kitschy hand painted azure sunflower birdbath, because your inner child thrills at the sight of bunnies and oversized flowers on the lawn — but your outer adult wants an economical, weather resistant vessel to help out those bathing birds who flock to your backyard on the daily.

    the 20 inch hand painted azure sunflower birdbath

    25. A copper kettle charcoal grill with a built-in lid thermometer, for all the outdoor delicacies you'll be grilling while the weather's warm. Get this fired up and delight the guests who are bound to stop by with an appetite for that world-famous BBQ cooking of yours.

    the 22 inch porcelain enameled copper kettle charcoal grill with a built-in lid thermometer

    26. A stackable plastic frame Adirondack chair, since you're not looking to break the bank for your outdoor decor, but you *also* love some solid, easy to clean, weather-resistant seating — especially when it comes with a bold pop of refreshing color.

    the stackable teal plastic frame Adirondack chair

    27. A coastal chic seven-piece outdoor dining set to impress your guests with its faux stone porcelain tabletop and laid-back wicker detailing while they chow down.

    the coastal décor 7 piece outdoor dining set

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