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    30 Splurge-Worthy Gifts From Wayfair They'll Probably Use For Years

    No one says "you shouldn't have" to a present when you're this fluent in the love-language of gifting.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A 1930s-style desk phone, because sometimes, folks just don't feel like dealing with screens. Maybe you know a certain detective-novel aficionado who likes to prop their feet up and pull down their fedora on important calls (facilitated by an actual redial button, touch-tone features, and ringer on/off switch) — if you do, this is for them.

    the nineteen thirties style desk phone

    2. A 6-in-1 record player to lend a chic presentation to any music buff's favorite songs. Its versatility means they can play their favorite vinyls, pop in a CD, stream choice jams via Bluetooth, or even explore FM radio.

    the MXM style three speed turntable

    3. A Le Creuset whistling kettle to complement someone's fondly frequented kitchen. This gorgeous yet functional stove ornament will rapidly heat water for anything from French press coffee to oatmeal (tea is only the beginning of this tale).

    the blue kettle

    4. A three-tiered wooden serving stand since you happen to personally know the consummate host and want them to keep inviting you back to their cocktail parties. With this, they can keep their snacks displayed on the coffee and buffet tables while being spared the surface clutter.

    the 3 tiered wooden serving stand

    5. A dainty Tiffany-inspired resin lamp to illuminate and beguile the light of your life with its old-world stained glass colors and elegant design.

    6. A versatile cast iron skillet to top off that special chef's kitchen essentials. With this Le Creuset, there'll be no limit to their potential as they sear, sauté, and stir-fry their way to culinary mastery.

    the green cast iron skillet

    7. A boho-inspired lumbar pillow to elevate the cozy factor of any comfort-lover's couch, loveseat, or bed. Its layering power and classic color palette make it an easy gift that even you can snuggle with the next time your giftee invites you over for movie night.

    the cotton yarn lumbar throw pillow

    8. A luxurious filtered ceramic pet fountain to provide a small, cherished furry pal with 70 ounces of fresh-flowing hydration. Via activated carbon and coconut shell, it filters the water to keep it free from pet hair, impurities, and other bits of critter debris.

    9. A faux fur throw blanket to drape on a stylish warmth-seeker's bed or sofa. Not only is it stain-resistant, making it perfect for homes with pets and kids, but it will bounce right back to "like new" with its machine-wash-friendly properties that leave it fluffy and luxurious after a quick tumble dry.

    the double sided faux fur blanket

    10. A plush Turkish-cotton towel set, because while very few giftees in the history of humankind have requested a stack of pristine new towels, it is guaranteed that everyone will use and enjoy them for years to come.

    the towels in different colors

    11. A neon heart sign to transform your recipient's shelf or wall in that captivating way that only fluorescent pink signage can. Be it for party purposes or laidback sofa musings, this cute little beacon is the perfect source of memorable ambient lighting and a constant reminder of how much you 💖 them.

    the neon heart sign

    12. An Instant Pot that moonlights as an air fryer to bring the hottest new multi-cooking appliance to a bustling kitchen. It offers 11 cooking programs to broaden the skillful chef's repertoire, all with the simple push of a button (think: sauté, steam, slow cook, sous vide, air fry, roast, bake, and broil).

    the instant pot making various types of foods

    13. A hand-blown bulb vase to punctuate a mantle, tabletop, or shelf in your favorite flower-lover's abode. Better yet, throw a seasonal bouquet inside to really up your gift-giving game.

    the amber and black glass vase

    14. A Le Creuset Dutch oven to thrill the avid home cook or chef with its lovely enameled cast iron and myriad culinary possibilities. From slow-cooking to braising, roasting to baking, you'll definitely get to enjoy the spoils of this gift when they invite you to their next dinner party (and hopefully, every dinner party thereafter).

    the dark gray le creuset

    15. A handwoven hyacinth basket to serve as an adorable hamper or storage solution for feline fans of all ages. It's perfect for your cat-loving friend to store away all those toys that are always strewn about.

    the handwoven water hyacinth reed cat lover basket

    16. A robin's egg blue antique-inspired jewelry box so your mom can neatly squirrel away their treasured heirlooms and accessories all while making an elegant statement. Its brass drawer pulls, rounded design, and etched floral accents make it as decorative as it is useful.

    the robins egg blue antique inspired wooden jewelry box

    17. A pretty aromatherapy diffuser to fill anyone's space with serene and pleasant scents. This lil' guy has the power to invigorate *or* calm with just the simple addition of water and your giftee's favorite essential oils.

    the electric aromatherapy diffuser

    18. A powerful yet lightweight mini stand mixer for your buddy who's lacking in counter space but brimming with baking prowess. With this they can whip up dozens of cookies and baked goods. Plus, this beauty includes 10 kneading speeds for that world-famous guacamole, pulled pork, or meatloaf.

    the mini stand mixer

    19. A professional 15-piece cutlery block set, because you know just the person who prizes craftsmanship when it comes to superior cutting tools in the kitchen and makes everyday cooking a wonder to behold.

    the knife set

    20. A Moroccan-inspired three-piece lantern set to house a certain candle-lover's prized tea-light collection. They can also use LED pillar candles to amp up the color, pattern, and playful global vibes on their tabletops, consoles, or patios.

    the three piece glass lantern set

    21. A heavy-duty steam mop because the satisfaction of a deep, industrial-grade cleansing is wholly appreciated by your beloved neat-freak friend. Using the power of steam, this lightweight gadget creates pristine floors sans chemicals while reaching the dingiest of corners.

    a model using the steam mop to clean the floor

    22. A 10-piece bakeware set for the aspiring baker in the family who is ready to level up their culinary skills. Let them take the lead at the next holiday feast as they dish out their tasty creations in these classic vessels.

    the white bakeware

    23. A compact air fryer toaster oven to save a pal some countertop space while sharing the gift of convection baking, broiling, air-frying, toasting, and reheated-pizza mastery, all in one sleek steel lil' box.

    the air fryer cooking various foods

    24. A manual pasta maker to give your Alfredo-obsessed giftee the Midas touch on all things noodle-related. Now, they can make authentic, homemade Italian dishes like lasagna, fettuccine Alfredo, and tagliolini bolognese.

    the manual pasta maker next to a bowl of eggs and a pile of noodles

    25. A pair of suspension-bridge bookends to capture the imagination of an avid reader. For those with a fondness for landmarks (think Golden Gate or Brooklyn Bridge), engineering, or who just love all things industrial, these will make the perfect addition to their bookcase.

    the pair of gritty, rough-hewn suspension bridge bookends

    26. A 205-piece rust-resistant steel tool kit for the self-starting DIYer who keeps everything in their home in tip-top condition (or is aspiring to). They will love tackling home projects with this awesome arsenal of wrenches, pliers, ratchets, and screwdrivers.

    the two hundred and five hand tool kit

    27. A faux fur bean bag chair for that sibling who just moved into their first apartment and is looking for something comfy to plonk down in. This will accommodate even the staunchest of "fun seating" critics with its squashy texture and cozy decadence.

    the lightly structured faux fur shag bean bag chair

    28. A karaoke machine with a microphone, portable PA stereo system, subwoofer, and DJ lights because it's so ridiculous, it just might be the best gift you've ever given. (And sooner or later, every friend, guest, and family member will inevitably surrender to the irresistible siren call of hollering along to their favorite songs).

    29. A 12-piece set of vintage-inspired glass goblets for that dinner party aficionado's many future gatherings. They're bound to serve up some cheer — be it in the form of wine or eggnog — in these eye-catching, 1930s-style glasses.

    the twelve piece set of glass goblets

    30. An earthy 16-piece stoneware dining set for all those effortlessly elegant diners in need of fresh plating options. Also, this set is perfect for someone who is moving into their first apartment or house, as it comes with dinner and salad plates, bowls, and cozy mugs.

    the sixteen piece stoneware dining set

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