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    • joanfaalavaaup

      This is called “pictures that prove the world isn’t such a bad place” how can it be accurate since most of the pictures are taken in the US. So much for the “world”. ITs great that people are doing good in an amongst themselves, but it doesnt stretch anywhere near as far enough as it should.
      It’s easy to rationalise and feel like we’re doing our part by occasional acts of kindness and goodness, but people forget that where they’re born says a lot about their chances of quality of life. And people dont choose where theyre born, they just are. (Referring to the fact that people born in western countries typically have a chance at a substantially better quality of life)
      The majority of the worlds population are living in poverty .. And the only ones in a position to help them are us .. the people with the power, living in the west. So for all you people who are being blindly optimistic that the state of our world is fine and therefore not much needs to be done.. please wake up and be active in trying to help the world. Be practical no just positive. Get in on world debates because one person can make a difference and dont just sit back and let the leaders take care of it because - they’ve done a pretty fine job … NOT. If only we could conceive the huge inequality and injustice within the world :///
      ***Not trying to take away from the beauty of these acts though. Props to these wonderful people doing wonderful things***

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