35 Things Every Engineer Has To Deal With In College

It all seems worth it when you graduate with a profound sense of self-respect. And a job.

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5. Somebody casually mentioning they really enjoyed a class that single-handedly destroyed your social life, self-esteem, and GPA in one nightmarish swoop.

9. Which you feel smart about... Until you're forced to do a project in some archaic coding language you’re pretty sure was delivered to Earth on a stone tablet from an alien planet where NOTHING MAKES ANY SENSE.

11. You've had the professor who literally wrote the book on electrical engineering yet has not mastered the complex science of turning on the overhead projector without a major incident.

19. And you've turned in a final or two that covered nothing you ever studied in class.

But you felt much better about your life a week later when you found out that the average was a 35%.

21. You partially believe the common (if not blatantly incorrect) perception that your friends in non-science majors don't do any actual work.

29. Somebody suggests you eat a meal with some semblance of nutritional balance. Or anything that's not pizza, really.

33. You hear endless stories from the old-school engineers at your summer internship who "didn't have computers/calculators/electricity" back when they were in school.

Besides, once you walk across that stage with your degree, is there anything you CAN'T do?

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