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    How To Choose The Best Website Design Company

    Are you ready to launch your website? Need to find a good website design company? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then keep reading. There are many thousands of website design agencies available, so it isn't hard to find a company that can build your website.

    Are you ready to launch your website? Need to find a good website design company? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then keep reading. There are many thousands of website design agencies available, so it isn't hard to find a company that can build your website.

    However, not all web design companies offer the same level of service and you can easily pay a lot of money for a very poorly designed website. To prevent this from happening, we have devised a list of the most important things you should look for when scouting for a website design firm to hire. Once you treat this article as a checklist, you will be able to find a great web design agency that will build a modern website that not only looks great but has all the functionality and features needed for online success.

    1. A Solid Portfolio

    The most important thing you can look for is proof of past work. You want to look for a website design company that has an extensive portfolio of past websites that they have created. This will show that they have years of web design experience under their belt which will give them the know-how to turn your website ideas into a reality. Of course, you should always take the time to thoroughly check out each of the websites in their portfolio and make sure that they have created other sites that are similar to the site you want to be created.

    2. Easy Communication

    One of the major issues between website designers and clients that result in lacklustre websites is poor communication. After all, if the web designer doesn't understand what you want to achieve, they won't be able to create your vision. So, you must ensure you have a clear line of communication with the agency and the persons who will be responsible for creating your website. You should take some time to get to know the designers and have multiple conversations so you can determine whether or not you feel comfortable communicating with them.

    Additionally, you don't just need a web designer that you can communicate easily with, but someone who listens to your ideas and is keen on implementing them. Unfortunately, many designers don't listen to their clients and prefer to design according to their whims. So, make sure that you select a top website design company that puts their clients first. At the same time, you also want a company that is capable of coming up with interesting ideas that will make your website even better than you imagined.

    3. Creates Responsive Design

    Next, responsive design is extremely important now. So, this is another defining factor when looking for good website designers. To put it simply, responsive website design is all about creating a website that displays well on a wide variety of devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, desktop computers etc.

    So, if any agency you're considering isn't knowledgeable and experienced in creating responsive websites, then they won't be right for your needs. Responsive design is not only important for your users and customers but also organic search engine rankings. If you plan on getting organic traffic via SEO, then responsive website design is a ranking factor that you need to adhere to.

    4. Website Speed

    Another extremely important Google ranking factor is website speed. This is not only necessary to rank higher in the SERPs but is also important for your users. Most modern-day users are accustomed to fast website loading times and if your website takes a few seconds too long to load, they will simply click away and visit another website or even your competitor. So, hiring a website design company that knows how to build fast websites is essential for your rankings and user experience.

    5. Uses A Well Known And Supported CMS

    Many website design agencies still insist on building websites the old fashioned way such as creating static HTML sites. However, you want to select a website designer that uses a well-known content management system (CMS) for your website such as WordPress. This is necessary so that you can make changes/updates to your website yourself and you don't always need to call the developer for everything you want to do.

    6. Offers Additional Marketing Services Besides Website Design

    If you want to make your life a lot easier, then it is best to choose a website design organisation that offers more than just design services. They should offer other services such as SEO, digital marketing, content creation, social media marketing, email marketing etc. This will help you to get all of these other aspects of your business up and running a lot faster and will ensure smooth integration.

    7. Conversion Focused

    For your website to be a success and help you to get more real customers, you need much more than a site that is beautiful to behold. You also need a website that is primed for conversions so that it can turn visitors into actual customers. This means that you should hire a website design company that offers a conversion-centred design where they use consumer psychology and extensive testing to create a website that converts as many visitors as possible into customers. This means that they should do A/B split testing on various website elements, experiment with different colours and CTAs etc.

    8. Great Reviews & Testimonials

    Lastly, always look for a website design company that has numerous positive reviews and raving testimonials from past clients. Unfortunately, it is quite easy to fake reviews online, so you should always look closely at all testimonials and reviews. If possible, you should try to talk to a few past clients so that you can confirm the quality of the agency's work.


    To wrap things up, once you follow the list above, you will be better prepared to choose the best website design company possible. Make sure that you do your research and trust your gut instincts and you'll be able to find a great web design company that will create your dream website.