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Become An Imgurian Today!

So your'e not ready to dive into the never ending source of material that is the reddit community - but you still want a place where crowds provide awesome pictures and commentary. Well, there's a site for that, it's called Imgur.

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- This year I came across a site that has changed my online image viewing for the best. No longer do my eyes have to don the likes of photobucket and instagram. Here, I can see some of the greater imgs the internet has to offer, sifted through by a community of entertaining users for your viewing pleasure: Imgur

Below are just a few perks of becoming a part of the imgurian family.

- Laughing is good for you - and there's plenty to laugh at on imgur. The community picks the cream of the crop for both imgs and comments - though It's the comments that really put the icing on the cake.

- With the internet as vile as it can be sometimes, imgur is a nice step outside that negative bubble. Aside from downvoting, you'll get no such spat. Imgur tends to be an overall positive community.

[No easily contextual situation img found, so there!]

- Wanna feel like your'e hanging out with a group of your closest friends? Imgur is quite a hilarious crowd. Spend enough time on there and you'll get the jokes.

-There's some daaww to be had, so go get it. YOU GET IT RIGHT NOW!

- Need I even say that? Get rid of that old thing, will ya! There's just so much you can read about your friends' weepy episodes. The only thing you can boost you're ego on imgur is the upvotes- Certainly the downvotes can humble you if need be as well.

There you have it, Imgur in a nutshell. So give it a try, I bet you haven't got anything better to do. :)

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