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    • jmsneptuneonfire

      I do NOT want to perpetuate that I am OK with people purposefully starving themselves and/or developing a disorder and eating cotton balls to curb their hunger to avoid calories. I’m aware that these are real, serious issues that can and do occur in the fashion industry. I also feel like, as a society, we create a negative connotation between a model’s physique and and how it perpetuates unreal standards for men and women about the ideals of beauty, yet we don’t have that same attitude toward athletes who do much the same thing, sometimes pushing their bodies to unhealthy limits and using possibly dangerous substances to perform unnatural athletic feats. Shouldn’t we start to appreciate models who are NATURALLY thin, lean and spindly, giving them an opportunity to work in the fashion industry? There are many kinds of beauty, and if you take a look at the designers creating these high fashion clothing, you will see that they do not resemble, in the least, the models they employ to show their collections. In fact, they are mostly “normal” in weight and “beauty”. I find all sorts of women beautiful, from large to very slim. A runway model can (and many are) be just as healthy as a “normal” weight woman. I think the biggest issue is that we need to include MORE body types in high fashion, thereby representing a larger population of men and women that we can start to appreciate in a similar way. :)

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