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21 Photos That Prove Every Guy You Know Is Wearing The Same Thing

A J.Crew shirt with its own Instagram account. How 21st century.

1. You aren't imagining things.

2. And you aren't seeing double.

3. Every guy you know is wearing the exact same shirt.

4. Exhibit A: Your boyfriend.

5. And your boss.

6. Wearing the same damn thing.

7. The same blue gingham shirt from J.Crew.

8. Men wearing this shirt are literally everywhere.

9. At J.Crew's headquarters. (No surprise here.)

10. On the train.

11. At the bar.

12. And on the street.

13. Literally everywhere you look.

14. There it is again.

15. There is even an Instagram account dedicated to the shirt.

16. And it's called thatjcrewginghamshirt.

17. Because what else would it be called.

18. Jonathan San is the clever observer behind the account.

19. And he has been on to the trend for a while.

20. So if you're in New York and you're wearing the shirt, beware.

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